I can't find the size I need on your website; would you be able to make it for me?

For larger volumes, we are happy to take bespoke requests

Are your products sterilised prior to delivery?

We do not sterilise the products we deliver.

What are the sterilisation instructions for X product?

We do not provide instructions for sterilisation; however all of our products are suitable for all methods of sterilisation.

How long does delivery take?

All UK orders will have a 5-7-day lead time, international orders can be expected to have a 10-14-day lead time.

What is your shipping method?

We use couriers for all our deliveries, UK or international.

What is the cost of shipping?

All orders for UK delivery are £13.21. Orders outside of the UK are not at a fixed rate and is calculated at checkout.

What tube and wire lengths do we do?

We only stock 300mm wire and tubing, but we can take special requests via our methods of enquiry.

What is the hardness of our wires?

We can produce a wire of any hardness between 1580mpa – 2400mpa. We actively have 302 and 304 stainless in stock and ready to go out the door. This ranges 1580mpa – 2400mpa.

What is the content of a particular chemical element?

We can provide your purchase with a material certificate.

What are the tolerances of your wires?

Flat Wire

Natural Round edge flat section

Width:                                  +/- 0.003″ (0.0762 mm)

Thickness:                           +/- 0,001” (0.0254 mm)

Edge Bow:                           12.5 mm Max over 1 metre Length.


Square edge rectangular section

Width:                                  +/- 0.001” (0.0254 mm)

Thickness:                           +/- 0.001” (0.0254 mm)

Edge Bow:                           12.5 mm Max over 1 metre Length.


Square section

Width:                                  +/- 0.001” (0.0254 mm)

Thickness:                           +/- 0.001” (0.0254 mm)

Edge Bow / Coil Set:           Material may have edge bow but may not twist.


Cut Lengths

Length Tolerance is to be as per the table below unless otherwise stated by the customer.

Diameter OverUp to and includingLength tolerance minusLength tolerance plus
0.20 mm00.25
0.20 mm0.50 mm00.25
0.50 mm0.80 mm00.50
0.80 mm1.40 mm00.50
1.40 mm1.90 mm00.50
1.90 mm3.20 mm01.00
3.20 mm5.60 mm01.00
5.60 mm8.50 mm02.00
8.50 mm10.00 mm02.00


Round wire Diameter Tolerances

Hard Wire


OverUp to and includingTolerance on diameter
0.08 mm0.20 mm+/- 0.005 mm
0.20 mm0.50 mm+/- 0.008 mm
0.50 mm0.80 mm+/- 0.010 mm
0.80 mm1.40 mm+/- 0.014 mm
1.40 mm1.90 mm+/- 0.020 mm
1.90 mm3.20 mm+/- 0.024 mm
3.20 mm5.60 mm+/- 0.030 mm
5.60 mm8.50 mm+/- 0.040 mm
8.50 mm10.00 mm+/- 0.050 mm


Nominal DiameterTolerance on Diameter
13.00 mm to 10.00 mm+/- 0.08 mm
Under 10.00 mm to 8.50 mm+/- 0.06 mm
Under 8.50 mm to 5.60 mm+/- 0.05 mm
Under 5.60 mm to 3.20 mm+/- 0.04 mm
Under 3.20 mm to 1.90 mm+/- 0.03 mm
Under 1.90 mm to 1.00 mm+/- 0.03 mm
Under 1.00 mm to 0.80 mm+/- 0.02 mm
Under 0.80mm to 0.50 mm+/- 0.016 mm
Under 0.50 mm to 0.20 mm+/- 0.010 mm
Under 0.20 mm to 0.08mm+/- 0.006 mm
Under 0.08mm+/- 0.004 mm


All the above tolerances are Knight Precision Wire Ltd Standard tolerances, to be used as guidelines only when the customer has not stated their own.

What are the tolerances of your tubes?

We have a up to a 10% tolerance for the OD, ID, and wall thickness on our tubes.

What size tubes do you have?

Standard gauge size stainless steel tubing


4G6.00 mm5.05 mm0.475 mm
5G5.50 mm4.50 mm0.50 mm
6G5.00 mm4.05 mm0.475 mm
7G4.45 mm3.66 mm0.395 mm
8G4.00 mm3.20 mm0.40 mm
9G3.68 mm3.00 mm0.34 mm
10G3.28 mm2.50 mm0.39 mm
11G3.00 mm2.40 mm0.30 mm
12G2.67 mm2.06 mm0.305 mm
13G2.40 mm1.78 mm0.31 mm
14G2.03 mm1.52 mm0.255 mm
15G1.83 mm1.37 mm0.23 mm
16G1.60 mm1.20 mm0.20 mm
17G1.50 mm1.09 mm0.205 mm
18G1.27 mm0.84 mm0.215 mm
19G1.07 mm0.69 mm0.19 mm
20G0.90 mm0.60 mm0.15 mm
21G0.82 mm0.51 mm0.155 mm
22G0.71 mm0.41 mm0.15 mm
23G0.64 mm0.33 mm0.155 mm
24G0.56 mm0.30 mm0.13 mm
25G0.51 mm0.25 mm0.13 mm
26G0.45 mm0.25 mm0.10 mm
27G0.41 mm0.20 mm0.105 mm
29G0.35 mm0.18 mm0.085 mm
30G0.33 mm0.15 mm0.09 mm
31G0.30 mm0.10 mm0.10 mm



Thin wall stainless steel tubing


14G2.10 mm1.78 mm0.16 mm
15G1.83 mm1.48 mm0.175 mm
16G1.63 mm1.32 mm0.155 mm
17G1.50 mm1.20 mm0.15 mm
18G1.27 mm0.92 mm0.175 mm
18 GUT1.27 mm1.07 mm0.10 mm
19G1.07 mm0.82 mm0.125 mm
20G0.90 mm0.68 mm0.11 mm
21G0.82 mm0.63 mm0.095 mm
23G0.635 mm0.406 mm0.1145 mm

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