Quality Orthodontic and Medical Wire

Medical Wire & Orthodontic Wire


KC Smith manufactures and stocks stainless steel wire, nickel silver wire (also known as German silver wire), brass and galvanized iron wire for multiple industry uses such as medical wire, dental wire and orthodontic wire.

We stock a very broad range of diameters and shapes and in a variety of forms including both hard and soft stainless steel wire.

What is it used for?

Stainless steel wire and other stainless wire is used as dental wire by dentists and private practitioners, orthodontic wire (or ortho wire) by orthodontists and surgical wire or medical wire by hospitals, universities, laboratories, technicians and other similar industries.

KC Smith is a specialist manufacture and stockist of the highest specification and quality materials carefully selected based on our extensive experience of the applications of the orthodontic and medical industries.


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